In the last 60 or so years aviation has gone from (1) putting men on the moon to barely keeping airplanes in the air without near-miss incidents every year; (2) having a reusable space shuttle program that was the envy of the world to hitching a ride from the Russians to their space station instead relying on our own mettle; (3) flying the Concorde (1960s technology) to nothing comparable to it in passenger service today; (4) building the finest aircraft ever (the Boeing 757) to being unable to build a new airplane that doesn't have serious safety problems. What accounts for this downward trend?

At least the government can be held accountable to a certain extent for violating the First Amendment. Corporations don't want to take any responsibility to protect free speech.

Dr. Jordan Peterson and his superb interlocutor — words cannot do this interview justice. This is probably the best interview with Dr. Peterson I have seen thus far.

Artificial Intelligence going woke.

In the old Soviet Union a certain comrade Petrov Petrovich walks to a car dealership on a wintry morning in Leningrad pushing a wheelbarrow full of cash. "I'd like a new car!” Petrov huffs as he struggles to get himself and his cash inside, out of the freezing cold. Anatoly the salesman says, "A new car? Surely you must be joking. A new car costs 20,000 rubles and it will take 10 years to build." "That's fine,” Petrov replies, "Here's your 20,000 rubles,” pointing to the wheelbarrow, "and I will be here exactly 10 years from today to collect the car. By the way, morning or afternoon?" Anatoly answers, "What difference does it make? It's 10 years from now." Petrov Petrovich dryly answers, "Ah yes, well comrade, I have the plumber in the morning."

Tired of hearing about a so-called "insurrection." There was no "insurrection" on January 6, 2021. President Trump did not cause an "insurrection." He has not been indicted (i.e. formally accused) or convicted of any "insurrection," and there has been no legal finding-of-fact that an "insurrection" ever took place. The "insurrection" narrative is, like Charlottesville, another big lie perpetrated by the media and the Left — it just didn't happen. President Trump is eligible to run for president in 2024, and I'm hopeful that the United States Supreme Court will agree.

Happy Birthday to U.S. President Ronald Reagan born on this day in 1911.

Notions that black should move first in chess to promote "equality," or that chess is somehow "sexist" because the "queen does all the work" or "when the king dies the game is over" are stupid. The game of chess has nothing to do with either race or sex, and only foolish people believe otherwise.

There is an interesting conclusion to be drawn from Dennis Prager's call to stop flying United: we don't do affirmative action in the NBA, because in professional sports, winning is everything. But United Airlines does affirmative action in the cockpit, even though in the cockpit safety is supposed to be everything. Unless we Americans vote against UA with our feet and with our wallets, we will have confirmed that American society believes winning a basketball game is more important to us than aviation safety — let that sink in.

If islam is a religion of peace as its adherents contend, why are most organizations on this list muslim organizations?

President Trump decisively wins the Iowa Caucuses. Now it's on to New Hampshire.

Next time a Democrat complains there is too much money in politics, show him this.
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I. I AM The Lord
II. No Other Gods
III. Do Not Misuse God's Name
IV. Remember The Sabbath
V. Honor Your Parents
VI. Do Not Murder
VII. Do Not Commit Adultery
VIII. Do Not Steal
IX. Do Not Bear False Witness
X. Do Not Covet

Judeo-Christian Values
I: Better Answers
II: Right and Wrong
III: Human Reason
IV: The Dog or the Stranger?
V: Values vs. Beliefs
VI: Feelings vs. Values
VII: Hate Evil
VIII: Values Larger than Theology
IX: Choose Life
X: Order v. Chaos
XI: Moral Absolutes
XII: Jewish Mission
XIII: The Meaningless Life
XIV: Arrogance of Values
XV: Unholy vs. Immoral
XVI: Nature Worship
XVII: Man and the Environment
XVIII: Murderers Must Die
XIX: Challenge of the Transgendered
XX: No Viable Alternative
XXI: Rejecting Materialism
XXII: Feminization of Society
XXIII: First Fight Yourself
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Essence of the Christian Faith
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Catholic Christianity in Korea during the late Renaissance and Englightment Periods
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Cremation: An Orthodox Perspective
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Sin in the Early Church
Priest: Icon of Christ
The Fathers, Wealth, and Pious Opinions
The Great Church in Captivity
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St. Andrew — Revelation
Text of the Divine Liturgy
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All Things Woke
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"Rivers of Blood" Speech, Enoch Powell, 1968
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Fourth Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
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It's just a mask

Clinton Email Scandal
The FBI Rewrote the Law
DoJ IG Report on Clinton Email
Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation
2016 Election Final Report - DOJ OIG
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Why no https?
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Himalayan Database
Dennis Prager
Bill Wall's Chess Page
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The Wreckage of Obergefell
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Why the 3/5 Clause is Anti-Slavery
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Magic Decks

Visit to Japan, 2023
America's Role in the Making of Japan's Economic Miracle
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Realistic reflection on war is necessary while upholding peace
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Kyodo News dictionary
Takoboto no Jisho
Japanese Verb Conjugator

Israel, Anti-Semitism, and the Middle East
Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism
The Hamas Slaughter Confirmed Everything I Have Believed
Moral Equivalence Means Either Moral Confusion or Hatred of Israel
And Jews Will Still Vote Democrat
The World's Most Moral Army
Response to Why the Jews: the Reason for Antisemitism
Anti-semitism in the Russian Orthodox Church
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The Middle East Dispute is About Religion, Not Land
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Historical Figures
Understanding Richard Nixon and Watergate
Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal (Understanding Watergate)
The Legacy of Fidel Castro
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Why Bill Clinton Pardoned Marc Rich

Empires, War, and Peace
The Laws (Rights) of War and Peace
China, Trump, and Sovereignty
OXI Day Proclamation, 2006
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Thoughts on Russia/Ukraine

History, Law, and Politics
The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response
Rule By Emergency Decree
The Danger of the Attacks on the Electoral College
In Memoriam: Antonin Scalia
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Politicians, Privacy, and Social Media
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Supreme Court Justices III: Merrick Garland
Supreme Court Justices II
Supreme Court Justices
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Why Live Action Did Right and Why We All Should Know That
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Mohammed: The Problem with Price Gouging Laws
The FBI's Bad Intelligence
Larry Flynt, the Falwells, and Donald Trump
Anti-Semitic Posts — and Tepid Reactions — Should Enrage Us
Guns, Schools, and Discipline

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