Philosophy of Religion

The Philosophy of Religion
by Peter Kreeft

In 2006, Professor Peter Kreeft of Boston College gave a lecture series on the Philosophy of Religion for Barnes and Noble's "Portable Professor" series. I have enjoyed listening to these lectures and they are a solid introduction to the strengths and weaknesses of arguments for and against God and religion. Professor Kreeft has been at Boston College since the 1960s and is now in his eighties.

If you are a skeptic, or an atheist with an open mind, you will definitely enjoy this lecture series. If you are religious, you will likewise benefit from these lectures as you'll learn new ways to think about God, religion, and the supernatural — ways you might not have thought of before. This series of lectures genuinely helps to bridge differences between who are religious and those who are not.

Note that while the in-line mp3 files may appear to be only 2-3 minutes in length, they are each an entire lecture (30-45 minutes). I had a little bit of difficulty with the MM:SS display when I was joining the mp3s together. If you prefer, you can download a zip file containing all the mp3s in each pair of lectures.

Additionally, I have transcribed several of the lectures word-for-word below, if you would rather read the lectures or are hearing-impaired. I hope to get more of the lectures transcribed as time permits, so check back once in a while.

Click on the title to listen inline — click on "download" to get the individual files (zip format)

Lectures 1,2 : What is Religion? Why Is It Worth Thinking About? 20 Arguments for Atheism (Download)
Lectures 3,4: The Problem of Evil and 10 Arguments for God's Existence from Nature (Download)
Lectures 5,6: 10 Arguments for God's Existence from Human Experience, and Religion and Science (Download)
Lectures 7,8: The Cases For and Against Life After Death (Download)
Lectures 9,10: Different Concepts of Heaven and 10 Arguments Against Hell (Download)
Lectures 11,12: Testing the Truth-Claims of Different Religions, and Comparative Religions (Download)
Lectures 13,14: What Would Socrates Think? and Religious Experience (Download)

Lecture 6: Religion and Science
Lecture 7 (partial): Reincarnation
Lecture 8: Heaven
Lecture 9: Hell
Lecture 11: Resurrection of Jesus


Professor Peter Kreeft