The Egyptian Magician Lays It On The Line

The Egyptian Magician Lays It On The Line
by Tarbash, the Egyptian Magician

"He punches his chest, and it disappears into the crowd!"


I assume this is a generic letter. I'm fairly familiar with the meaning of separation of powers, etc.

Yeah, I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. The depth of corruption that they clearly have absolutely no problem with is just staggering and beyond disgusting. Can you look me in the eye and tell me this wasn't entirely political? Really? Without blushing? Really? What about the political question doctrine, which goes hand-in-hand with separation of powers? This guy did everything he could to stitch this thing together with cloth of any color, abstention from political matters was the LAST thing on his mind. All these lawsuits were ostensibly timed to run into an election (no, I don't believe the "we needed three years to properly investigate" nonesense and neither do you): these torpedoes were sitting in the hatch for years! Hush money paid to a porn star over a matter that everybody already knows about — so there's no real hush here — is construed as a undisclosed political contribution?... Really? And all the Federal prosecutors who'd looked at this said "No" to it. And Alan Dershowitz maligns it as well — and he's a Democrat who voted for Biden!

Leticia James scored a nearly half-a-BILLION-dollar judgment against Trump for the crime of borrowing money and paying it back on time with interest to a lender who openly expressed their desire to do business with him again. Seriously? Jesus Christ! — what are prosecutors going to do to me if they just don't like me — maybe just because I said something on social media? This kinda thing is happening in Canada right now! How am I to trust anyone who does stuff like this! She ran for office vowing to "get Trump," stating unashamedly in public that he's "TOO MALE, TOO PALE, AND TOO STALE!!" (emphasis not added). So that's 1) sexism, 2) racism, and 3) agism (but a blind eye to Joseph Biden on that last one). Only a person with an extreme degree of so-called privilege could get away with THAT! It's certainly more privilege than any white, cisgendered male has!

Yes, very impressed with these prosecutors and their tenacious devotion to their duty to protect the public from Democracy.

I'll stop here, but going on for an additional 40,000 more words would not be difficult. Now, you will see Republicans weaponizing the Courts in this game of chicken that has been progressing like a burning fuse from standing down to Floyd riots burning down courthouses, to May 31, 2020 riots at the White House that don't get called an "insurrection" (whatever!), to unarmed insurrections, from 2016 election deniers (Hilary still says it was stolen from her) to 2020 election deniers. Trump crying election fraud. Two plus years of The Mueller Report from Democrats crying collusion and speaking of illegitimate Presidencies... Seriously?

Pots and Kettles all the way down! But what these Democrats have done as prosecutors — OMG! — how could you trust anyone with power who's THAT corrupt, crooked, shameless, and THAT hateful? They want what they want and they don't give a shit! #civilwar