The Left, Chaos, and Flash Mobs
Remarks by Dennis Prager

Transcribed from here by pragerfan

August 23, 2022

There is chaos, and because the Left creates chaos, here is a piece from Channel 4 in Los Angeles, NBC-4. Watch and there's a video "Street Takeover Flash Mob Swarms Los Angeles 7-11." "Grand theft looting and vandalism are some of the crimes police say were caught on video when a large crowd took over a 7-11" — all young people of course, and just taking what they want.

There's no doubt in my mind — and if you differ I'm more than happy to hear from you — that the acceptance of all the violence of 2020 in the violent — I'm not talking peaceful, I'm talking all the violent protests that took place — burning police cars, taking over places, smashing windows.1 The acceptance of it by the authorities of those cities was a turning point in American history. It announced to a certain percentage of this country — or actually it announced to the entire country — that we accept looting and destruction provided it is done by the right people and for the right cause.

But of course the thugs who took over — these punks, these little bored punks, who are conscienceless — who took over this 7-11 yesterday in Los Angeles — you should all see it, we'll put it up at, you should see it — these people got the message that violence is fine. They got the message in another way from the Democratic Party because if you steal under $950 you essentially are not prosecuted.2 That is the message that went out, that violence is okay — not murder. That is not — the message has not gone out that murder is okay; stealing is okay. Smashing, stealing, even periodic punches — not yet murder. I say "yet" because I don't know what the future will hold, but at least I want to give you the semi-good news — murder is not regarded as acceptable by the Democratic Party. Violence is, depending again on who did it and for what ostensible cause.

This has now become commonplace in cities, every one of which are run by Democrats, and yet from polling and fundraising it appears that Democrats are doing well for the coming November elections. Tucker Carlson reported on this last night, how not big fundraisers but little folks, little funds, that there's far more going to Democrats in most cases than to Republicans.3

1 In 2015, at the height of the looting, vandalism, and wanton destruction during the so-called "Freddie Gray" riots in Baltimore, then-mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake publicly stated that the thugs responsible "needed space to destroy things." This is indicative of preferring barbarism to civilized society.

2 The Associated Press claims that this isn't technically correct, as Proposition 47 reclassified felony theft offenses as misdemeanors. This is a distinction without a difference. Society determines the wrongness of an act by the punishment that its justice system metes out for that act. Stealing is stealing. To reclassify stealing from a felony to a misdemeanor sends the message that stealing is okay. Even more ludicrous, the amount for which "theft can be prosecuted as a felony [was raised] from $400 to $950 to adjust for inflation and cost of living." Californians who voted for Proposition 47, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, and the rest of the Left simply do not care about crime victims — especially victims of petty crimes.

3 What is the explanation for this? Do people who contribute to Democrats simply not want to live in a civilized society?


Dennis Prager