Thoughts on Russia/Ukraine

Random Thoughts on Russia/Ukraine
by pragerfan

(1) Putin correctly evaluated Biden as weak. Weakness invites aggression.
(2) Putin did not attack Ukraine while Trump was in office
(3) Putin is an authoritarian strongman; he is not Adolf Hitler
(4) Putin is doing what he believes is best for Russia. We need a president who does what is best for America.
(5) There is corruption in Ukraine
(6) Putin says he intends to hit military targets only
(7) News reports suggest Russia has received threats from Ukraine
(8) Hannity's suggestion to remove all restrictions on energy development is correct
(9) Biden is gravely hampered by Dem's commitment to climate change hoax
(10) The U.S. should adopt a wait-and-see approach
(11) China is watching
(12) Pro-Russian rebels shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, killing all 298 people aboard. The missile was fired from Ukraine.
(13) There is corruption in Russia
(14) When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 everyone was ecstatic
(15) When the Soviet Union fell in 1991 Ronald Reagan was hailed as a hero
(16) The world from 1946-1991 was (more or less) a stable bi-polar world, consisting of the United States and its satellites, and the USSR and its satellites
(17) The world after 1991 evolved into a multi-polar world with far less stability and a rising Communist China
(18) Is the world better off today geo-politically than it was in the 1980s?
(19) It's impossible to put the genie back into the bottle
(20) None of my other thoughts should be read to imply that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is or isn't Ukraine's fault
(21) The jury is still out as to whether Putin is right or wrong or whether his war is justified or not
(22) I make no judgment on whether Ukraine should or should not defend itself
(23) We have a weak president in Joe Biden
(24) If you believe Putin is evil, then "the malice of the wicked is reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous." (Churchill)
(25) Putin isn't Al-Baghdadi and Russia isn't ISIS — this doesn't mean Putin is right
(26) Some polls suggest Putin has broad support of the Russian people
(27) The U.S. is too war-weary and divided by politics to support boots on the ground
(28) Ukraine, though corrupt, is ostensibly a free (or free-ish) country
(29) While Russia isn't Communist per se, people are less free in Russia than in most other countries, including Ukraine
(30) Most protesters in Russia, if caught, are never heard from again — just like in China
(31) Putin is an ex-KGB colonel
(32) Lenin founded Communism in Russia
(33) Stalin was a mass murderer, responsible for tens of millions of Russian deaths
(34) Monuments to Stalin and Lenin still exist in Russia
(35) Putin is no angel
(36) Strength deters aggression
(37) Taiwan's freedom is at stake
(38) The US is stronger in the world with Republican presidents
(39) How will God and history judge America's actions?