What Americans Want to Know

What Americans Want to Know About Clinton Email
by pragerfan

January 4, 2018

Here you can see exactly where "grossly negligent" — which was Comey's original conclusion — was changed by one of his staffers — most likely Trump-hater Peter Strzok — to read "extremely careless." Though they both mean essentially the same, "grossly negligent" is in the wording of the statute and using this language would have provided reasonable cause to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information. As it was, "extremely careless" allowed her to walk free having committed what would have been a federal felony.

Words mean things.

Who made the change (again, likely Peter Strzok but we need to know for certain)? Why didn't Director Comey question the change? Why was this exoneration memo written BEFORE the investigation was concluded? What is the connection between this memo and the meeting on the tarmac between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton? How does the now debunked and discredited "Trump dossier," and associated Clinton campaign payments to Fusion GPS play into all of this? Finally, will Clinton and her aides ever be held legally accountable for obstructing justice by using bleachbit and acid wash to destroy hard drives containing email, and for destroying potentially incriminating evidence by taking a hammer to various mobile devices that Clinton used?

Anyway, this entire ball of wax is being re-opened by AG Jeff Sessions, who is finally getting his head out from where the sun doesn't shine and starting to investigate this stuff in earnest.

Still, I doubt Hillary Clinton will ever see the inside of a jail cell. But some of her cronies like Huma Abedin certainly might — which although it's good, it also proves once again that there is one standard for the Clintons and another for every other American. If you are a Clinton, you can literally get away with murder — or mishandling classified information. But if you're Huma Abedin, or any other ordinary American, you'd better watch out — and not that I have sympathy for Huma Abedin. But this isn't about sympathy — it's about the rule of law and whether the Clintons live under the same laws as other Americans. Increasingly this case shows that they don't.

There are still a ton of unanswered questions here. Hopefully 2018 will provide answers that we the American people want to know.