Moral Confusion at Canterbury

Moral Confusion at Canterbury
by pragerfan

November 27, 2007

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and the titular head of the nearly 80-million member world-wide Anglican Communion is quoted as saying in this article that among other things we have done, U.S. military interventions overseas have created the "worst of all worlds." His criticism comes despite the fact that US military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have liberated some 50 million people. Has America really created the "worst of all worlds?" Let's be honest. Did the US military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, aimed at the liberation of nearly 50 million people really result in a world... ...worse than the world of Josef Stalin in the 1930s who murdered millions? ...worse than the world of Nazi Germany in the 1940s which murdered millions? ...worse than the world of the Maoist purges in the 1950s which murdered millions? ...worse than the world of the gulags of the Soviet Union? ...worse than the world of the meat grinders of Saddamn Hussein's Iraq? As he is an eminent theologian I'm sure Dr. Williams knows that the Bible teaches man how to distinguish good from evil: but he seems to conflate the two.

Perhaps as Dennis Prager has said, the left has influenced religion far more than religion has influenced the left. People can have honest disagreements about the wars. I have no problem with that. To claim that America has created the "worst of all worlds" while characterizing as merely "not very impressive" islamic regimes that whip people for naming a teddy bear after Mohammed betrays a very disturbing moral confusion on the part of the Archbishop.